Sparkling before your eyes!

Why do children love coming to Le Pommier?

The water park is quite simply a swimmer's paradise, but by taking part in the activities, your children will also make many new friends.

Luc and Lily, our popular child characters that were born and bred in the camping, are at the children's club every day. In the evening, you can find them on the stage in the bar area. 
Every morning, we have a children's club for children from 4 years old, whereas there are plenty of sports activities for older children across and around the camping.

In the peak season, our entertainment team organises activities for all age groups. With over 140 activities per week - an average of 20 events a day - there is no need for any age group to get bored. 
Eskimos, pirates, princesses and princes, and many lively shows lasting the whole evening. These are only a few keywords from the wide-ranging entertainment programme on offer at the camping. Numerous activities also take place outside the camping, which are painstakingly planned to ensure that you and your children will enjoy your stay. 
See also Sports & games, and the Children's Club.