Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions


1)  Is it compulsory to wear the permanent bracelet?


Yes! It is compulsory to wear the bracelet. This will be given to you once you arrive and should be worn permanently around your wrist during your stay at the Domaine le Pommier. If you lose the bracelet, you will be charged €10 for a replacement; however, any broken or damaged bracelets will be replaced free of charge.


2) Is it sheltered?


More or less depending on the area. We have sought to offer you as much shade as possible by plating over 100 trees since we opened. Our site is naturally located in the wild and surrounded by natural landscapes which we wanted to protect.


3) What sort of clientele do you have?


At Domaine le Pommier, there are many different languages, and our campsite is just as cosmopolitan as our region, one of the most visited by tourists in France. You will hear people speaking French, Dutch, German and English. All of our documents are available in four languages! Le Pommier has historically benefitted from the love of the Dutch people for the Ardèche and is a campsite which, for many years, is coveted by Dutch and Belgian Flemish people. For several years, French clients, keen to enjoy water parks such as Aqua’Ardèche, have been on the increase and reached around 50% of clients in 2015. We are constantly adapting to this change in client base so as to always best meet the requirements of our visitors.


4) What are your opening dates?


Le Pommier is open from 21th April to 10th September 2017. Aqua’Ardèche also and is open from 10am to 7pm every day.


5) Are pets allowed?


Our best friends can accompany you on your holidays at the Domaine le Pommier, but they should be kept on a lead and be up to date with all vaccinations. You are responsible for cleaning up after them. A supplement will be payable per animal and per day. Access to Aqua’Ardèche is however not permitted.


6) Is there a children's club on the campsite?


Yes, the Luc, Lily, Léo and Laura children's club is open to children from 4 to 10 years of age everyday to enjoy new activities and games, not to mention the mascot adventure show on the main stage, the play areas, sports fields, slides, and water sports. Our French and Dutch hosts are all multilingual.


7) Some useful information about Aqua'Ardèche...


Aqua’Ardèche is the water park at the Domaine le Pommier, it is open every day from 10am to 7pm during the season when the campsite is open (21th April to 10th September 2017). It is also open to the general public and locals, who can pay €19.50 (over 12 year olds) and €9.50 (under 12 year olds) to enjoy the park and meet residents of the campsite. (For further information on ticketing please visit Of course, the capacity is clearly calculated in line with that of the campsite, namely a maximum of 200 people per day.



8) Can you park cars on site or alongside the site let?


Yes, or close by for lets. For campsite, you must park on the plot itself. If you come with a second vehicle, a daily supplement will be payable, and this will be parked in line with availability in one of our central car parks.


9) Until what time can you drive around the campsite?


You can drive on the site from 7am until 11pm. If you arrive after 11pm, the car park at the entrance to the campsite will be available.


10) What are the times of the small train in July and August?


The small Le Pommier train is a free service offered to all residents on the Domaine le Pommier. It runs every day from 1 July to 31 August from 10am to 1pm and then from 3pm to 8pm.


11) Is access to the campsite private?


Yes Le Pommier is supervised day and night. Only people holding a bracelet are allowed on site. Visitors, family, and friends will be permitted entry. These people should either pay a security deposit of €100 for a one hour visit which does not allow for access to the water park, or pay the equivalent entry fee to Aqua’Ardèche (€19.50 for over 12 year olds and €9.50 for under 12 year olds) and may also use the park depending on the capacity available.


12) Is the Domaine le Pommier VACAF approved?


No. Domaine le Pommier is not VACAF approved. We do however accept ANCV cheques.


13) In what language are events held?


Events are in French and Dutch, the most commonly spoken languages on Domaine le Pommier. A team of French and Dutch hosts is on site and they offer events in each language so as everyone can make the most of our offering and also take part! For games and activities, as far as possible we also try to make sure that there is a French and Dutch host to support the activity.


14) What is the minimum number of nights for a lease?


Leases should be for a minimum of two nights at Domaine le Pommier off season. In peak season, leases should be for a week.



15) Can I leave my towel on a sunbed to reserve my spot and come back later?


No. It is strictly prohibited to place a towel on a sunbed to reserve a spot and return later in the day. In order to respect other residents, and for smooth operation, we recommend that people over 12 years of age use sunbeds. We reserve the right to remove any towel placed without any person present for a given amount of time.


16) What is the layout of the campsite?


The campsite is located on a terrace. The Domaine Le Pommier is at the heart of the Berg and Coiron hills, in a wild natural setting which offers a spectacular panoramic view. There are terraced areas and flatlands over the lower part of the campsite.


17) Can I still use the Water Park and campsite on the day of departure?


No, you must leave the campsite before 10am for logistics, organisation and hosting capacity. However, on the day of arrival you can use all services from 11am.


18) Do you also let equipped tents?


Yes, we have new tents this year.