The Ardèche

Discover the Ardèche !

Les Gorges de l'Ardéche

The domain Le Pommier lies in a rather rugged department, named after the Ardèche River. 
This river flows through a fascinating, mountainous lanscape, dotted with extinct volcanoes and sleepy villages basking in the sun.

It is an area with a vasr range of possibilities for the active as well as the lazy holidaymaker. There is a lot of discover on foot, by mountain bike, by car or canoe. 
Enjoy the quiet, the space, nature or old villages or towns.


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Beurzen en markten

Discover Ardèche and its gastronomy at these weekly markets, where a huge variety of seasonal products from expert local farmers, breeders and market gardeners can be found.

In summer, you can also take an evening stroll among the soft lights and appetising smells of our most beautiful villages. Open your senses and enjoy the musical entertainments put on for you.

Here are the best places to experience the diversity of Ardèche.


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